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Workshop Services

H-E Parts are Australia’s only national service and repair company specialising in industrial cooling and heat transfer equipment and systems across a broad range of industries including; open cut and underground mining, heavy transport, marine, exploration, rail, crushing and screening, earth moving and power generation.

We offer annual maintenance inspections and reports, routine preventative maintenance and emergency breakdown repairs.

Our highly trained technicians complete work to a high standard with speed, precision and safety and will find the right solution every time.

We service, overhaul and re-core the full range of heat transfer equipment with our services including radiator overhauls, radiator re-coring, heat exchanger repair services, after cooler servicing, charge air cooler repairs and testing and oil cooler repairs.

Our services also include aluminium welding and fabrication services, extending to non-heat transfer products, stray current diagnosis and testing, seal bore hole reclamation and manifold repair.

Our workshops boast the latest in cooling and heat transfer technology including in-house welding, pressure testing, spray painting, chemical cleaning and degreasing facilities.