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COR Cooling specialises in the service, repair and manufacture of heavy duty radiators including OEM products from Mesabi, in fact we offer the only Mesabi Certified, Quality Assured Re-Builds available in the aftermarket throughout all of our branches Australia Wide.

Our range of replacement Mesabi products include items such as complete assemblies, tubes, seals, specialty tools radiator caps and filler necks to suit all Mesabi application, in addition we offer the largest range of service exchange Mesabi radiators available across Australia and have the combined largest inventory of Mesabi components available from our stock.

Our warranty offered on both new Mesabi product and Re-built Mesabi product is second to none, we offer 48 months leak free warranty on all Mesabi radiators sold new by COR Cooling and in addition to that we also offer 36 months leak free warranty offered on all Mesabi radiators re-built and service exchange Mesabi radiators and oil coolers supplied by COR Cooling Australia Wide.

Our turnaround times for overhauls are second to none in the Industry owing to the extensive in store stock, workshop capacity and trained  staff. If you need it done quickly, COR Cooling will get it done and have a proven track record in this area.

We never compromise on our focus to improve the service life of components during any overhaul and in many cases we have come up with enhancements that has seen reliability levels increased substantially, it is our business to find that extra level of reliability you are seeking as a customer of ours.

Our highly trained staff have only once focus and that is to go the extra mile to get your gear back on the haul road because we know what downtime means to you, lost productivity.