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COR Cooling appointed as ZF Authorized Service Partner in Queensland

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Reduced Fuel Consumption with Dura-Lite® CACs

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

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Reduced Fuel Consumption with Dura-Lite® CACs

North QLD Based Transport Company,  2013


A leading North QLD logistic  services provider were experiencing  cracking  and consequent leaking from their tube-to-header charge air coolers (CACs) installed  in their trucks.

In addition, they had an issue with cracking on their relatively light duty manifold tanks. These problems were affecting the company’s ability to reliably provide a required 24/7 service to their customers.


Traditional bonded tube-to-header CACs have known  issues of cracking  and leakage,  due in combination to the vibration and fatigue that they undergo as a result of the extreme temperature gradients they are subject to during normal operation.

After conducting a system evaluation, COR Cooling  supplied  a Dura-Lite®  Charge Air Cooler to replace  the CAC that had failed.   Dura-Lite®  CAC’s innovative patented silicon grommet tube-to-header seal system eliminates failure due to cracking and leaking, and is guaranteed to be leak free for 5 years or 1,000,000 kilometres.

The installation of the Dura-Lite®  CAC resulted in reduced repair and maintenance costs for the truck’s operation and less downtime causing negative impacts on customer service.

In addition, when undertaking post-installation monitoring, the fuel consumption of the truck (same truck, same driver, same route) was reported to show increased efficiency with the Dura-Lite®  CAC installed. The fuel economy improved from 1.72 km/litre to 1.83 km/litre resulting in a payback period of only 22,000km.

Christmas message from the CEO

Friday, 13 December 2013

Well, what a busy year it’s been, they just keep getting faster. One minute we are setting the goals for the year and the next thing we know we are setting the table for Christmas. Most people will be looking forward to a well-earned rest over Christmas and to spend time with family and friends and ponder what 2014 will bring. In 2013 we have seen quite a different landscape in the economy especially in the mining sector due to lower commodity prices and softer trading demand from China which led to the need of higher productivity and lower cost structures in Australian mining operations. We also saw a drawn out federal election year and this all combined to build uncertainty in business and investment.

At COR, we tried to ignore most of this and focused our attention on the real issues and what we could control and we simply rolled up our sleeves and got on with it. Our attention was on our customers, their needs and how well we were connecting with them. Although we have been operating in some of the worst trading conditions ever, and still are, we continue to get stronger as a group by working closely with our customers and delivering greater value for their operational needs.

In 2013 we have achieved a great deal and our plans for 2014 are no different with many exciting initiatives already well under way. Here is snap shot of 2013.
• Zero Lost Time Injuries since February across the group.
• Re-structured COR Cooling to a decentralised and more pro- active service provider at state branch locations.
• Fully integrated “One Team” of all COR branches as a group.
• Rebranding the name COR which now has the added meaning – “Creating Optimum Reliability”
• Relocation to new modern premises for Perth and Newcastle branches.
• A new look and modern web site featuring COR capabilities and market sectors with social media.
• Brisbane branch being awarded authorised ZF Service Partner for South East Qld.
• Securing RIO as a new strategic customer in the Hunter Valley.

COR image

Plans are well under way for 2014 with ISO Accreditation in Safety and Quality Systems expected to be in place for all branches by March. We are in advanced discussions with a number of major national companies for service and supply contract agreements. Further growth opportunities exist where we can extend our range of high quality products and services to meet market needs in additional locations. Keep an eye out for COR Cooling in the Qantas Link “Spirit Magazine” found on all Qantas regional flights in Australia throughout the summer. We have forged closer and stronger relationships with many of our key customers and key suppliers and this will continue to be our focus in 2014.

On behalf of all the team at COR, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers and suppliers for their ongoing support and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2014.

Please see our website for contact details along with Christmas shut down details for each branch.

Kind regards,
Warren Arthur

Regular Cooling System Servicing Saves Marine Engines

Friday, 13 December 2013

With the holiday season fast approaching many boat owners are looking forward to their annual long boating trip, but when was the last time they had their boats’ cooling system serviced?
Marine oil coolers, including transmission oil coolers, corrode over time due to their exposure to salt water.  Failure to service these coolers can allow salt water into a boat’s engine causing it to cease. “A boat’s oil and transmission coolers need to be cleaned and tested on at least a semi-annual basis to ensure they are running efficiently”, COR Cooling’s Marine Manager John Beadle said. “Marine manifolds incorporate tube bundle coolers which also need servicing to check that the sacrificial anode is doing its job in protecting other engine components from corrosion”, he said. “We recommend servicing your boat’s cooling system before any long trip, as you would do with your car”.
COR Cooling’s qualified technicians are available to clean and test marine cooling systems on-site, at your mooring location, or off-site, in their fully equipped workshops.
The company’s marine division is primarily based out of the Brisbane operations, with a range of services also available from the Adelaide, Mackay, Perth and Thornton operations.
The marine division caters to both commercial and pleasure craft’s product supply and maintenance requirements.  This includes design and manufacture of heat exchangers and manifolds for all marinised engines, including service and repair of existing models.
Trusted marine brand DIECON has been part of the COR Cooling group since 2011 enabling COR Cooling to supply KUBOTA based marine engines and gensets to their marine customers.
COR Cooling’s recent appointment as a full service partner to ZF Marine transmissions means that the company can now also offer removal and full rebuilding and testing of transmissions, parts and sales and on site service and fitting for all ZF Marine products.
As the only national service provider and manufacturer of industrial cooling and heat transfer equipment, COR Cooling is a market leader working closely with some of the world’s largest companies in the marine, mining and transport sectors.


COR Cooling ad in Magazine Trade A Boat

Friday, 13 December 2013

COR Cooling ad in Magazine Spirit distributed by QantasLink

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

COR Cooling provides service and repair for agricultural industry…

Friday, 22 November 2013

Published at Daily Mercury Agriculture section November 2013.

PDF link here.

COR Cooling Relocates to Central Industry Hub

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

20 November 2013

COR Cooling’s Toronto NSW branch has recently relocated to larger modern facilities at Thornton NSW. Strategically located close to Newcastle and Hunter Valley industry hubs, the new purpose designed premises includes enhanced office facilities and increased workshop space.

“The new location enables us to offer customers fast turn around times whilst the larger floor area provides capacity for the business to grow” said COR’s NSW State Manager, Andrew Carter. “We have also installed a range of new equipment in the facility which enables us to provide an increased range of services to our customers”, he said.

COR Cooling’s services include on and off-site repair and maintenance along with supply of engine cooling systems, radiators, transmissions, oil coolers and Dura-Lite® charge air coolers. The branch’s new location is at 27 Waterloo Avenue, Thornton NSW and they are contactable at 02 4964 2188.

As the only national service provider and manufacturer of industrial cooling and heat transfer equipment, COR Cooling is a market leader working closely with some of the world’s largest companies in the mining, marine and transport sectors.

Unique oil cooler offers top service

Friday, 8 November 2013

Article published in Big Rigs
08 November 2013

A UNIQUE Australian designed aftermarket product, the TSF multi-purpose remote mounted oil cooler, services up to three mediums at once. Designed and manufactured exclusively by COR Cooling’s Perth operation, the TS and TSF oil cooler is a premium aftermarket product providing exceptional cooling performance. 

The product provides service life due to thicker tube cladding and is supported by a one-year manufacturer warranty. Suitable for on-road transport industry vehicles such as the Kenworth K200 truck, the cooler is available in two variations: dual (cooling for transmission and fuel) or tri (cooling for transmission, fuel and power steering).

Designed to replace the original equipment cooler set up, the TS and TSF oil coolers are available as a package assembly for easy fit up to the original Kenworth Exhaust Gantry. They are available with 12v or 24v fan configurations.

COR Cooling’s experts are able to discuss your rig’s specific cooling system requirements with you and advise if the TS or TSF oil cooler would be suitable for your application.

Having recently relocated to world-class premises in Forrestdale WA, COR Cooling Perth’s new facilities include a comprehensive range of top of the line equipment. In addition to traditional services such as radiator re-coring, this enables customers to access specialised services such as chemical cleaning and flushing, nitrogen testing, hot hydro static testing and tube stack replacements.

 COR Cooling is the only national service and repair company specialising in mining, heavy industrial and transport sectors.

COR Cooling is leading the way as the national “one stop shop” for the transport industry including but not limited to, engine cooling systems, radiators, transmissions, oil coolers and Dura-Lite® charge air coolers and a comprehensive range of high quality and fast turnaround service capabilities second to none.

PDF link here.

Company makes a cool mark

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Article published in Big Rigs
11 October 2013

 COR is making its mark in Brisbane. COR Cooling is making its mark in Brisbane COR Cooling  has  been operating in capital cities and regional locations around Australia for many years and has  earned its reputation for being Australia’s leading national service provider for industrial radiator and heat transfer/cooling solutions, particularly in the mining sector.

Two years ago, COR decided to diversify, and this led to the acquisition of Brisbane-based Diecon Marine, located in the Port of Brisbane at Murarrie. Diecon was a well-established company servicing the marine sector from the Cold Coast to the Whitsundays of Queensland. COR saw this as an opportunity to diversify, to grow into Brisbane and use the location to set up its head office.

Today, COR Cooling’s Brisbane operations are gaining much attention by making a distinct impression on an impressive list of private and corporate clients- all wanting the same level of customer service and attention to detail that COR has become well known for around the country. With seven service centres around Australia, COR is the only truly national service provider in their field.

COR Cooling are the exclusive distributors of the Dura-Lite Charge Air Cooler for the heavy on road transport sector, and its Brisbane service centre is now leading the way with service capabilities combined with this unique product. The Dura-Lite Charge Air Cooler is the premium cooling solution for the transport industry. It has become the product of choice for owner operators and fleet owners around the world who value quality and fuel efficiency over any other similar charge air cooler or intercooler on the market. With its patented design and an impressive five year warranty on offer, the Dura-Lite charge Air Cooler is way ahead on the pack.

Brisbane’s mining and transport sector manager Kurt Vollenhoven says: “COR is making its mark and gaining attention in Brisbane because we are doing the hard yards and going the extra mile for our clients. We have to prove ourselves here in Brisbane and there is no better way than to deliver on our promise and raise the bar on service. Our mantra is about Creating Optimum Reliability and our proven track record on safety, quality and service is what really matters to the industry”.

Kurt says that: “Although price is always a factor, it’s also about how we are adding value and delivering service excellence to those customers who see the benefits of reduced down time, increased product life cycle, reduced running costs and greater fuel efficiencies”. He says that cheaper alternatives just don’t stack up.